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How to edit your Store SEO.

Store SEO

To customize the fields of Store SEO, log in to your account and navigate to your (vendor) Dashboard and select Settings.


Next, when you hit the Settings option, you will find the Store SEO option for your store! Hit the Store SEO option. 


After that, you will find the following options for general Search Engine Optimization:


SEO Title: You can edit the SEO title of your store page using the Store SEO option. SEO Title is shown as the title of your store page when it appears to the Search Engine Results Pages.


Meta Description: Edit the Meta Description of your Store page to boost your Store Page's SEO. Meta Description is often shown just underneath the SEO title in black texts. It indicates to what the page is about. The number of characters of Meta Description should be less than 156 characters.


Meta Keywords: You have to insert some comma-separated keywords here in order to get the store page indexed better by the search engine.

SEO for Facebook & Twitter

You will also find the following two options for performing Facebook & Twitter SEO:

Facebook & Twitter Title: This is the title of the store page while you are sharing the store page. Take a look at the following screenshot that indicates the Facebook & Twitter title. 

Facebook & Twitter Description: Facebook & Twitter description refers to the texts shown just below the Facebook & Twitter title.

Here is an Example for You

Say, we have finished editing and saving the fields of Store SEO.


Now, if you are going to share your Store Page's URL on Facebook, all the fields will be changed or crawled to the new ones that we have edited just now. Here is the preview:


**The length of time that Google/Twitter/Facebook take to update the SEO information entered can vary from minutes to months depending on how often the page is crawled.

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