You have probably heard ChatGPT mentioned many times on the media recently, so we have created a quick guide to show you how you can use the service to generate content for your store.



Example prompts:



Product Title

I am selling a ........ Please come up with a title for my product (in less than 100 characters).

Product Short/Long Description

Write a product description using the text I paste in that is optimized for SEO. Using active sentences.

Product Meta Description

Write a Meta Description using the text I paste in. Make it 120 characters or less.

SEO Focus Keywords

Create focus keywords using the text I paste in.

Vendor Biography

Please create a short biography based on the text I paste in.

Facebook Post

Please write a Facebook post using the text I paste in. Include emojis.

**Always check and edit the generated text to better represent you, your style and your product.

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