Order Status

What the order status means and should you process the order.

Order Status


Processing *

Order has been paid for. Proceed with preparing the customer order.

Completed *

This is the only order status a vendor should change.  When an order has been dispatched, mark the order as completed so the customer knows you are finished processing and the order is on the way to them.


Do not dispatch, customer has failed bank check or did not proceed with the order. (https://help.shopinireland.ie/article/46/pending-payments)

Pending Payment

Do not dispatch. Shop in Ireland Admin will check these and mark as Processing or Failed accordingly. No action is needed by the vendor. Do not contact the customer directly.



Do not assign this to any order. It does not process a refund.  The status will automatically change to refunded when a refund has been processed correctly using the following procedure https://help.shopinireland.ie/article/90/refund-procedure


Do not assign this to any order.  It does not process a refund.  An item will automatically be marked cancelled by the website if an order was not completed or paid for.


Do not assign this to an order.

On Hold

Only assign this on agreement with the customer that the order will not be dispatched at that time.  Remember to change the status to completed once the order has been dispatched.

* Processing and Completed are the only status changes a vendor should have to make.

 ** All status changes generate an email to the customer.

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