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Refund procedure for Automatic Payouts

We would ask that all Vendors set their Stripe account to manual payouts. See manual procedure.

If your account is still on automatic payouts, then we would ask you to follow the procedure below.

It is important that you understand how payments are processed to understand how the refund must take place.

Payments through will process within 1 minute of the transaction 



To process a refund the payment must go in reverse :


For the Customer to receive a full refund, we must refund the full payment including our commission. This is done manually by us.

Please follow the steps below to do a refund.

If these steps are not completed, Your customer will not be refunded.

Refund Procedure 

You must log into your account on

  1. Click Payments: Your payment will appear as your nett payment – i.e. sale price minus 5% commission and stripe fee

  2. To process a refund, click 3 dots and select refund payment, this will refund the nett amount to us and YOU MUST notify us so we can refund the full paid amount to your customer.

  3. To see details (eg. Time of transaction) of a payment, click on payment description to open it.


 Partial Refund: If you want to refund a part payment – follow the same steps but edit the amount to be refunded before confirming refund.



  1. Please notify Shop in Ireland by emailing

  2. We will need the Order number and the amount of the refund and the reason.

  3. We will refund the customer the full amount they paid in the transaction.






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