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How will I receive payment?

  • Payments through will process within 1 minute of the transaction 


  • Once a customer purchases an item, the Vendor will immediately receive the nett balance of the purchase amount and shipping costs, less the commission fees and Stripe transaction fee into their Stripe Account. This will be instantly viewable by the Vendor on his Stripe Dashboard.

  • Payouts to the Vendors business or personal bank account will also be automated by Stripe through their Stripe account. This can take up to 7 days on new accounts.

  • Please ensure you change to manual payouts on your Stripe account so that you can ensure some money is kept in your stripe account for refunds.

  • Transaction fees will be charged by Stripe at the point of sale and will be automatically deducted from the amount being deposited to the Vendor Stripe Account.

  • The Vendor shall be responsible for their own VAT charges, payments and all matters associated with VAT relating to the sale of their goods.

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