Seller Obligations

All Vendors must comply with the below terms

  • To provide accurate and up to date business contact information.

  • To accurately represent their product, to keep the product listing up to date and to fully comply with  the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act. 

  • To review processing orders through the Seller Store Manager in a timely manner.

  • To update the status of the order at every step to ensure the customer is kept updated with the purchase progress.

  • To mark each order as ‘Completed’ when the product has been shipped and include (where relevant) a shipping reference number in the order notes for tracking by the customer.  

  • To complete the purchase of any goods via our website where the customer contacts you via our website. Any links referring customers to your own personal website for products available on will be removed. Repeated attempts to draw customers away from to complete purchase may result in your account being suspended without further notice to you.

  • To comply fully with e-commerce and distance selling regulations at all times and any Irish and EU regulations which apply to the sale of goods from as may exist time to time.

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