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Advertising on the Shop in Ireland Facebook Group

Group Facebook Page:

When can I advertise on the Facebook Group,

You can post in the group once your Seller account set up has been completed and you have products published on our site.


Why should I Advertise in the Facebook Group?

Our Facebook group has over 219,000 members – with almost 100,000 people browsing the page daily.


How do I Advertise in the Facebook Group?

Go to your store page and copy your web address/store URL.

Go to our Facebook group and start to write a post

  • Add photos to the post first - Add photos of the items you have for sale on our Website only

  • Then Paste in your shop in Ireland web address (url) into the text box

  • Add your text after the post has been approved.

  • Please avoid putting prices or words like ‘sell’ in your posts as Facebook will steal them and put them on marketplace, they will not appear on our Facebook group. If a marketplace tag appears on your advert, please click undo before posting.

  • If your post has not been approved and posted within a few hours, please resubmit a new advert and only add your images and your Store URL to the text of the post. This will come through to us. Then once approved, you can add the text by editing the post on the group.

What are the rules for posting in the Facebook Group?

  • You must first complete the set up of your Shop in Ireland Store

  • You must have your products published on the live website

  • You must put a link to your shopinIreland store in your post

  • You must direct customers to purchase through your shopinireland store

  • Pots must not violate FB community standards.


What products can I advertise on the Facebook Group?

Each Seller can advertise the products that they have live on their store on

Advertising products from outside of our website and leading customers to purchase elsewhere is prohibited and is a breach of the Seller Terms & Conditions

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