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What Products can be uploaded?

Your Vendor Store on is capable of uploading many types of products:

  • Simple Products - These are products that have one price and no different variations

  • Variable Products - These are products that have different sizes, different colours, different frame sizes etc.

  • Downloadable Products - If you have a product that can be downloaded by the customer at the point of purchase, you can add a downloadable link which will be sent to the customer in their order email.

  • Customisable Products: If you have custom products that will require input from the customer such as text, upload of photo, or simply if you wish to give the customer the choice to 'add on' extra features to the product, this is also available on

External links, social media handles and emails will be removed from product listings. If a customer is required to send you information by email after they have placed an order, for the purposes of creating the product, please include your email in the Purchase Note at the bottom of the product page. This will be included in the customer email confirmation.

Product Upload Requirements

Please see section 3 of our Terms & Conditions

Prohibited products

Please see section 4 of our Terms & Conditions

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