Complete Steps 3-7

Your products will not be made live on the site until these are completed

Below are steps 3-7 that must be completed before your store can go live.

Your products will remain pending until you complete Step 7.


Items to be completed 

Video Instructions

Step 3: Store Page

Step 4: Connect to Stripe

Step 5: Shipping 

(while the video is long it is recommended to watch all to understand the settings fully)

Part 1 Shipping & Returns Policies 

Video Instructions:

Further Information:


Part 2 Shipping Rates

Video Instructions:

Further Information:

Step 6: Products

Step 7: Store Review

Email to let us know you are ready for us to review your store.  **Any products added will remain pending until you have completed this step and your store is reviewed.

If you have any questions along the way, we are here to assist so please email  

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