All Categories Managing your Orders When you receive your first order

When you receive your first order

  • On placing an order, your customer will receive an automated message to let them know the order has been placed.

  • You will receive an email letting you know you have an order. You can also check your vendor dashboard for orders

  • Your order will appear under the orders section of your vendor dashboard.

  • Payment will be processed immediately, and your stripe account will receive the payment.

  • Before you dispatch an order to a customer, please ensure that the customer has completed payment for the order. This can be checked under your Orders section on vendor dashboard or by checking your stripe payment history.

  • Once you have dispatched an order to a customer, you will need to change the order status from ‘Processing’ to ‘Completed’. This will prompt a new email to be sent to the customer telling them that their order has been processed and completed.

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