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Shipping and Returns Policies Explained

The Shipping & Returns policies section in the Shipping Settings is often overlooked. This section is mandatory and will need to be completed as these policies are a legal requirement and will appear under each product on the website.

Vendor Dashboard/Settings/Shipping



  • Processing Time: This is how long between when you receive the order and when it will be shipped to the customer. You must give an average time here. If your products are handmade, please ensure that this time reflects how long it will take to make and ship the products.

  • Shipping Policy: This shipping policy must state how you will send the package to the customer, how long you expect it to take and whether you will provide a tracking number to the customer. please also state here if you expect delays etc. You can include in here a note of your costs to different locations also (optional)

  • Refund Policy: Your refund policy should state your terms regarding return of goods, time periods for returns, time periods of cancellation etc.

Once you have completed them, please ensure you click to save your settings to ensure they are saved correctly.

Note: Your products will not be made live on the site until this section is completed.

Information on consumer law for online selling is available on the following link:

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