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Video: Coupon Code

How to add Coupon Code

coupon is a shareable code that can be used to reach a specific target audience. In eCommerce, customers input coupon codes during checkout to receive a certain discount. 

Coupon Codes are a very valuable tool to entice customers to buy your products at a discounted price.

We can offer a percentage discount off the customers full order or a fixed product discount which will be deducted from each individual product the customer purchases.

I go through the steps to create a coupon code here in this


Coupons for returning customers

As per the video above you can create a coupon code and then opt not to show it in on your store front. This way it will be hidden from new visitors to your store. To allow only customers who have purchased from you to avail of the coupon code, simply copy and paste the coupon code into the Purchase Note of your products (see image below). This purchase note will be sent to customers who buy your products and will appear in their order confirmation email. You can simply say something like the below and then save your product again.

"Thank you for shopping with us. As a thank you, please use coupon code [enter coupon code] when you next visit our store for [X]% off your next order"


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