Short Text Box

Used for Examples: Email address, names, and engraving/personalisation text

Instructional Video:

Customers can enter a single line of text. Examples: Email address, names, and engraving text.

  • Title: Format the title as a Label

  • Restriction: Limit the type of characters customers can enter from Any Text, Only Letters, Only Numbers, Only Letters and numbers, only Email Address. (We would recommend to use Any Text as some accents/fadas will be rejected if Only Letters is selected)

  • Add description: Displays more information about the add-on underneath the heading.

  • Required field: Prevents product from being added to the cart if the field is empty.

  • Limit character length: Specify the minimum/maximum number of characters.

  • Adjust price: Add an additional cost to the add-on. Calculate the price as a flat fee regardless of quantity, per quantity ordered, or, charge a percentage of the total.

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