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Importing / Exporting add-ons

Copying add ons from other product and moving to a new product.


For example, if you have created a product and created add ons for it. But you also have another product that needs the same add ons. To save yourself some time, you can follow these instructions to copy the same add ons to your new product.

  1. Edit the product you wish to copy from.

  2. In the Add on Section, click on Export


  3. You will see a box appear with a lot of randomized text. Please copy all of that text by selecting all, right click Copy or CTRL +C.


  4. Return to your products list and edit the product you wish to copy these add ons to. Scroll Down to Add on Section and click Import


  5. An empty box will appear where you must paste the text


  6. Paste your text in


  1. Scroll down to the end of your product screen and now Save Product


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