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Global/Storewide Add on's

Creating add ons to apply to all Products

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Global Add ons can be found from Vendor Dashboard > Settings > Add ons

Add-on section in settings allows you to configure add-ons that apply to all products, or products in selected categories. This includes:  

  • Name: Used to differentiate add-ons from one another, this is not displayed on the website. By default, this is filled in for you.

  • Priority: Specify the order in which to display, if there is more than one add-on activated. An add-on with priority 1 would be above an add-on with priority 10.

  • Product Categories: Set to All products, or choose categories to apply the add-on. Removing the All products tag will deactivate the add-on, which can be handy for seasonal add-ons or time specific add-ons.

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